How It Works

So much to gain, with such clear-cut BCM logic

ResilienceONE® business continuity management software incorporates a user-labeled hierarchy and powerful relational database that associates business functions, processes, and components. This helps identify risks, establish priorities, and generate and test recovery and continuity plans.

The ResilienceONE methodology developed by experienced continuity practitioners uses flexible labeling to adapt to your organization's terminology—including a matching hierarchy migrated and aligned with your existing plans. So building and evaluating plans is more intuitive and simplified, allowing you to:

  • Prioritize needs automatically based on all related component values.
  • Identify all supporting assets for any function or process you choose.
  • Display cascading impacts triggered by any asset loss or disruption.

ResilienceONE's fully integrated relational database also helps you tap the goldmine of data stored in your plans. It is risk assessment software that also enables creative "what if" analysis to support management decisions beyond risk management, business continuity, and disaster recovery:

  • Help IT managers justify technology expenditures by operational importance.
  • Enable facilities managers to identify unused or underutilized assets.
  • Support HR decision-makers in optimum staffing decisions.